Our customers appreciate our high vertical integration, our flexibility, reliability and quality. Order volumes from a single unit up to mass production are our day to day business. We adapt our service competencly and highly motivated to your requirements without any compromises.

Our laser drivers for diode lasers and our TEC controllers are used worldwide in all conceivable applications.

The in-house manufactured electronic and mechanical components and systems are used in a variety of industries, such as

  • Railway
  • Aviation Technologies
  • Movie and Television Technology
  • Industrial Energy Supply
  • Mechanical and Plant Engineering
  • Chemical Industry
  • Test Technology for Electronic Devices
  • Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printer

MESSTEC`s Strengths

Our customer relationship is stable and long-termed. MESSTECĀ“s in-house quality management system secures our customers for the core process of the complete order process as well as management processes and supporting processes, e.g. research and development, a permanent continuous quality.

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Co-operation Partners

MESSTEC Power Converter co-operates with ESA BIC Bavaria to support Start-Up entrepreneurs.