OEM Laser Modules


MESSTEC develops OEM laser modules in close co-operation with the customer. The electronic and mechanical components are produced in-house; the laser diodes are purchased or provided by the customer. Depending on customers´ requests the OEM laser modules consist of

  • AC/DC power supply
  • air/water cooler, heatpipe, fan
  • driver with laser diode
  • TEC controller, Peltier element, temperature sensor
  • pilot laser
  • mechanical construction
  • electrical wiring
  • etc.

After assembly and wiring of the laser modules MESSTEC performs electrical and optical tests before delivery.

For this, we measure the electrical and optical output curves, especially for short nanosecond pulses.

In addition, we measure the electrical and optical power.

Our test station is equipped with measurement box, function and pulse generator, photo diodes, optical power measuring devices, spectrometer, oscilloscope, chiller and electronic load for electrical power measurements.  

Please ask for more technical details.