Electronic Manufacturing

MESSTEC produces, assembles and tests circuit boards, modules and complete devices. We utilise fully automated SMD technology with reflow soldering and semi-automated THT placement with wave soldering. Our service comprises placement and production of prototypes and special circuit boards and ranges from single units to series production.

Subsequent solder joint checks and visual controls with AOI and microscope work stations supported by monitors guarantee continued high quality in our production.

Depending on customers┬┤ requests we manufacture, wire, assemble and test single components or complete electro-mechanical devices and modules. All electro-mechanical modules and devices are assembled, mounted and wired in-house. The intermediate and final controls can be carried out according to customers┬┤ requests as tests of single components or as functional tests of complete modules. 

Within the electronic production we manufacture connectors and cables and do epoxy casting of components either for electrical insulation or for thermal dissipation.