TEC Controller for Very Precise Temperature Control


The TEC Controller drives Peltier elements with a very high preciseness of +/- 0.01 °C. There are types with output currents from +/- 3A until +/- 24A at output voltages up to 45V available. Extensive multistage filters guarantee a very low output ripple <1%, whereby a high efficiency of the Peltier element can be achieved. The output is short circuit proof. The configuration for standard temperature sensors with 4-wire or 2-wire connection, such as Pt1000, Ni1000, is already integrated, any other temperature sensors can be defined by the customer. The coefficients of the PID controller can be adjusted by the customer. The TEC controller can be operated via hardware inputs / outputs and / or via serial interface (USB, RS 232). Up to four controllers with only one power supply and only one serial interface are operating in one entity.


TEC Current

TEC Voltage

Output Power

Data Sheet

TEC 03-50

+/-    3

max. 45



TEC 06-50

+/-    6

max. 45



TEC 12-50

+/-  12

max. 45



TEC 24-50

+/-  24

max. 45



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