Modular DPD Driver for CW Operation; DPDP for Pulsed and Burst Operation

The modular product line DPD for CW operation is powered by a 3-phase input voltage 196V … 530V. It has an integrated power factor correction (PFC). The power ranges up to 4800W - expandable up to 13200W - with a modular configurable diode current up to 240A resp. 320A at a maximum diode voltage up to 55V resp. 24V.

The devices are air- or water-cooled and installed in a 19” rack.

The driver DPD has a high current stability with low ripple.

It can be operated and monitored via hardware signals, via external PC, via integrated touch display or via buttons/LEDs.

A multifunctional interface (e.g. USB, RS 232, TCP/IP) and an integrated TEC Controller (up to 24V) are available.

Datasheet DPD 5000-Air
Datasheet DPD 5000-Water

Operating Manual

The product line DPDP is based on the DPD and can be used for pulse mode and burst mode. All options are also available for this type.

The DPDP is equipped with an additional external (PUE) pulse unit which allows an assembly very close to the diode, with an internal pulse generator (PCG) and with a trigger input. A rise time of 1µs is achievable. CW operation up to short pulsed mode is possible, this means a duty cycle from 0% ... 100%.

Datasheet DPDP 5000-Air
Datasheet DPDP 5000-Water

Operating Manual