Laserdrivers, First Class Standard and Individual Solutions

We are an important international technology leader für laser drivers and refer to over 30 years experience in development, production and application of power supplies and electronic components für lasers. We are a well-known global partner für standard devices as well as for customized developments and individual special solutions.

MESSTEC offers more than 100 different devices for diode pumped lasers, for diode lasers and for lamp pumped lasers. Many accessory modules, such as operating panels, interlocking units or communication interfaces, allow versatile special application for our customers.

They are ideally suited für driving lasers with high accuracy, outstanding dynamic behavior, stability and safety.

Our single product groups are:

  • CW drivers, pulsed drivers
  • CW drivers, pulsed drivers High Power
  • CW drivers and pulsed drivers with TEC controller
  • Fast modulated and pulsed drivers (modulators)
  • Compact laser driver systems
  • CW driver für lamp pumped systems
  • Accessoires